World’s End Harem Series Watch Order

What Order To Watch World’s End Harem Series?


How to Watch World’s End Harem Anime Series? Easy Watch Order Guide to watch the World’s End Harem Anime Series in order including Episodes, Movies, and OVAs.

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World’s End Harem Watch Order

How to watch all of the World’s End Harem seasons, movies, and OVAs in Chronological order. This is the best order in which to watch the World’s End Harem series

World’s End Harem episodes in order

In this section, we are going to give you an overview of the 11 episodes of World’s End Harem that have been broadcast as part of the show’s first season. They are:

No. Title [39][a] Directed by [39] Written by [39] Storyboarded by [39] Original air date [41]
1 “World of Women”
Transcription: “Onna-tachi no Sekai” (Japanese: 女たちの世界)
Yoshitaka Nagaoka Tatsuya Takahashi Yū Nobuta October 8, 2021 (2021-10-08)[b]
In 2040, Reito Mizuhara is cryogenically frozen after he contracts multiple sclerosis. Five years later, Reito is cured and revived by Mira Suō. Mira explains that four years ago, the Male Killer Virus emerged and wiped out the male population except for him and four other immune men who were similarly frozen and they are obligated to have children to save humanity from extinction. In disbelief, Reito goes outside and is quickly attacked by lust-crazed women until he is rescued. His sister Mahiru, who is now a teenager, arrives and explains that their brother Ryuu contracted the virus and had to be frozen to save his life. She also reveals that his childhood friend Elisa Tachibana went missing three years ago. That night, Mira attempts to seduce Reito, but he rejects her advances. The next day, Mira shows Reito several bathing girls, asking him to choose his conception partner. Shocked, he refuses and insists he must locate Elisa as she is the only woman he wants to have children with. Mira agrees, but says until Elisa is located, she will send a different girl to his room every night.
2 “Two Women”
Transcription: “Futari no Josei” (Japanese: 二人の女性)
Tatsuya Fujinaka Tetsuya Yamada Yūichi Abe January 14, 2022 (2022-01-14)[b]
Kyōji Hino, one of the immune men, enjoys his new life and sleeps with the actress Rena Kitayama. After Reito, Mahiru, and Mira have a meal, Reito runs into Hino, who mocks him for his hesitancy. Akane Ryuzouji later ambushes Reito in the shower and attempts to seduce him, but he faints and is carried to his room. He reluctantly sleeps platonically with Akane and Sui Yamada, as Mira changed her mind and assigned them to him. The next day, Reito, Mira, Akane, and Sui examine Elisa’s old laboratory for clues when they get attacked by an escaped bear, but Sui knocks it out. When he learns Elisa was working on a cure for the MK Virus, Reito decides to finish her work and appears on the news to relay his goal. After Mahiru berates him, he finds a recorded message inside Elisa’s old teddy bear where she reveals the MK Virus is a man-made biological weapon. He confides to Mira that she resembles Elisa and apologizes for not producing babies, but she says working on a cure is indeed the better solution. Meanwhile, a council of women view Reito as a threat to their power. They then arrange for another man to be revived.
3 “3rd Man”
Transcription: “Dai San no Otoko” (Japanese: 第3の男)
Hirokazu Yamada Tatsuya Takahashi Hirokazu Yamada January 21, 2022 (2022-01-21)
In 2040, Shōta Doi is tormented by the bully Takamatsu, his girlfriend Erika, and his gang, and his only allies are his sister Mayu and his teacher Yuzuki Hanyū. He contracts an illness and is frozen, growing resentful when his classmates do not care and walk out during his goodbye speech. Five years later, he is cured and revived by Karen Kamiya, who explains about the MK Virus and that Mayu went missing. He resumes class in his old school and reunites with Yuzuki, who seduces him. He starts to bond with other girls, but gets injured by a stray volleyball. Yuzuki treats and seduces him again, while they admit they had always loved each other. Karen later reports to her superiors, who ask why they had to reopen the old school. She says Shōta and the girls do not know about Hino and Reito, so they think Shōta is the last man on Earth. As such, they will use them as pawns in their scheme to take over the world.
4 “School’s Secret”
Transcription: “Gakuen no Himitsu” (Japanese: 学園の秘密)
Tatsuya Fujinaka Tetsuya Yamada Tatsuya Fujinaka
Yū Nobuta
January 28, 2022 (2022-01-28)
Shōta has been sleeping with Yuzuki every day. One week later, Karen drags him to swimming class. Natsu Ichijō is later assigned to be his temporary roommate. After Shōta helps her get dressed, she confesses that her father gave her an arranged marriage to a much older man until they were both killed by the MK Virus. She then seduces him. Meanwhile, Reito is working on the cure when Mira informs him that Mahiru works at a refugee shelter. However, she warns him that if others find out Mahiru is his sister, she may be endangered. Reito meets Hino, who reveals he had impregnated one of his girls. When Yuzuki returns, Shōta confesses that he slept with Ichijō and begs for forgiveness, but she says they all know and he belongs to everyone. He confronts Karen and demands answers. She takes him before the class and says she reopened his old school to make him comfortable so he would mate and repopulate the planet. All the girls then strip naked before him. The council says that since Reito refuses to mate, Mira is useless and will be removed from her post.
5 “First Victim”
Transcription: “Saisho no Giseisha” (Japanese: 最初の犠牲者)
Yūji Kanzaki Tatsuya Takahashi Hiroyuki Ōshima February 4, 2022 (2022-02-04)
Reito has a month to make the cure before he must mate. Meanwhile, Mira is fired as Reito’s attendant, even though she is allowed to stay, and is replaced by Rea Katagiri, who appears hostile towards him. Additionally, Reito is partnered with the shy virologist Maria Kuroda. The group then travels to Keimon City, where the MK Virus emerged, to interview Taniguchi, the hospitalized widow of the virus’ first victim. Reito reluctantly bathes with the girls in a hot spring. Taniguchi refuses to cooperate and mocks Reito for not mating. When they leave, it is revealed that Taniguchi is in contact with Elisa and wonders why Elisa will not reveal herself. In a hotel’s sauna, an American named Chloe attempts to seduce Reito and tricks him into kissing her just as the others walk in, angering them. Later, Mira talks with Taniguchi about how honorable Reito is and convinces her to share what she knows. However, someone sneaks in and poisons her IV tube, leaving her in critical condition. Before losing consciousness, Taniguchi asks that a photo of her and her husband be given to Reito.
6 “Intertwining Plots”
Transcription: “Karamiau Omowaku” (Japanese: 絡み合う思惑)
Ryō Miyata
Tatsuya Fujinaka
Tetsuya Yamada Kōji Yoshikawa
Hikaru Takeuchi
February 11, 2022 (2022-02-11)
Reito, Sui, and Maria investigate the abandoned hospital where the first victim was treated, but do not find anything. Akane deduces that Taniguchi was poisoned and suspects Rea. Rea rescues her sister from being raped by another girl. Reito scans the photo and finds incomplete blueprints to the MK Virus’ design. Akane and Maria later warn him that people working on the cure have been disappearing. Meanwhile, bored with his harem, Hino spots Mahiru and chooses her as his next bed partner. His attendant, Neneko, informs Reito and Mahiru, who protest that she is only 16, but agree to a lunch date with Reito attending. The council orders Reito to distribute rations as a publicity stunt while Akane reveals their leader Kihara is her mother. Rea then confesses her love to Mira, but is rejected. As Reito passes out rations, a sniper attempts to kill him, but is stopped by Rea’s sister. At the lunch date, Mahiru rejects Hino, depressing him, but he sleeps with his jealous harem to placate them. Reito, Maria, Sui, and Akane discover that many of the missing doctors passed by the abandoned hospital.
7 “Assigned to Me”
Transcription: “Boku Tōban” (Japanese: 僕当番)
Yūji Kanzaki Tatsuya Takahashi Hiroyuki Ōshima February 18, 2022 (2022-02-18)
Karen tells Shōta he cannot leave the school until he graduates. Later, the class draw lots to choose his new roommate. Rikka Yanagi wins, but he runs away to the teacher’s lounge because she reminds him of Erika. Shunka Hiiragi walks in and bonds with him by revealing she also used to be bullied. She then seduces him. Rikka complains it was supposed to be her turn and fights Shunka, so Shōta runs away again. He calls Yuzuki but gets no answer. Akira Tōdō, the one who hit him with the volleyball, apologizes and seduces him. Karen makes a new arrangement where a girl will be assigned as his servant daily. After kissing Rikka, he trips and scrapes his hand. After getting treated, Karen orders Ichijō, Shunka, and Akira to sleep with him at the same time. Chifuyu Rehn Kuroda attempts to seduce him, but he refuses because she looks like a child. Karen informs him that Yuzuki moved away, angering him. Over the next few days, he becomes much more sexually aggressive with the girls. One day, Shion Hoshino, one of the girls who regularly ignored him when he was bullied, transfers in, shocking him.
8 “Revenge”
Transcription: “Fukushū” (Japanese: 復讐)
Tatsuya Fujinaka Tetsuya Yamada Kōji Yoshikawa
Hikaru Takeuchi
February 25, 2022 (2022-02-25)
Shion asks several people for help, but the girls refuse due to her age. Karen explains Shion tried to become an actress, but due to the MK Virus, she can only get a role if she mates with Shōta. Still angry about her ignoring him, he humiliates her by forcing her to come to class in her underwear before he mates with her in public. Afterwards, Shōta asks Karen to find someone and bring her to him. Meanwhile, Reito’s group speculates the abandoned hospital is where the virus originated. Karen delivers Erika in chains where a vindictive Shōta forces her to lick him. Karen tells the girls to compete to become Shōta’s main wife. Ichijō and Akira seduce him in the swimming pool. He later sleeps with several girls in various places. He brings one to his room, where Erika sits collared and acting like a dog. He asks her what happened to Takamatsu, but she does not know. After Shōta sleeps with the girl, Erika begs for her medication to counteract her drug addiction. He feeds it to her with his mouth. Reito’s group returns to the abandoned hospital and he suspects there may be clues to Elisa’s location.
9 “Feast of Debauchery”
Transcription: “Niku no Shinrin” (Japanese: 肉の森林)
Toshikatsu Tokoro Tetsuya Yamada Kōichi Okizaki March 4, 2022 (2022-03-04)
American mercenaries lead by Ms. Pope and Ms. Mansfield come seeking to acquire Reito. A girl in Shōta’s class is contacted by Elisa, who tells her to start their plan. Shōta is seduced by several girls in the girl’s bath and then starts sleeping with them in various places. Reito’s group explores the abandoned hospital where Sui accidentally breaks a wall to reveal an air duct. They crawl through it and fall into an underground laboratory. The people inside try to kill them, but are killed in turn by the mercenaries lead by Chloe, who is Ms. Mansfield. They find a time bomb and are all forced to escape in a helicopter as the lab is destroyed. Ms. Pope meets the council and arrests them after deducing the MK Virus was created under their orders. Chloe reveals Elisa is a member of a terrorist group, shocking Reito. As Shōta sleeps with several girls at once, Shion attempts to escape the school, but is apprehended by Karen. Shōta returns to his room and takes pity on a sleeping Erika, covering her with a blanket. Suddenly, the school is rocked by explosions. Reito’s group sees the explosions while Chloe is informed terrorists have kidnapped a man.
10 “The Two Numbers”
Transcription: “Futari no Nanbāzu” (Japanese: 二人のナンバーズ)
Hodaka Kuramoto Tatsuya Takahashi Hodaka Kuramoto March 11, 2022 (2022-03-11)
Shōta wakes up in the hospital where Karen explains terrorists tried and failed to kidnap him. She is surprised that he shielded Erika and reveals there are other men out there. He asks her why she does not sleep with him and she says she wants to rule the world; he agrees to help her. Elisa’s terrorists abducted a man in stasis, Zen Kinebuchi. Chloe’s group takes over Japan and orders Hino to stop mating until the terrorists are dealt with. He agrees, but is angered when Chloe separates him from his girls. Akane reveals Kihara and the other council members will be put on trial for creating the MK Virus, so Reito helps her visit her in her cell. Elisa hacks the airwaves to reveal her group is called Izanami who are not terrorists but a group of rebels against the UW. They claim all the world leaders created the virus to wipe out men and create a world of only women, and that Izanami aims to save the men. They demand all the men in stasis and those who are awake to be turned over to them. Reito’s group decides Chloe cannot be trusted and that they must escape. They suddenly find Shōta and Karen in Reito’s room.
11 “Escape”
Transcription: “Dasshutsu” (Japanese: 脱出)
N/A Tatsuya Takahashi Kōichi Okizaki
Yū Nobuta
March 18, 2022 (2022-03-18)
In a flashback, Karen performed a procedure on Shōta to make him slightly older and no longer need glasses. Back in the present, they meet Chloe and bring Shōta’s girls with them, briefly reuniting Maria with her little sister, Chifuyu. Meanwhile, Reito meets Mira and urges her to escape with them, but she will only agree if he mates with her, which he refuses. Suddenly, Ms. Pope arrests them, Akane, and Sui, saying they will be taken to America, but Rea and Maria knock her out and they escape to Mahiru’s shelter. Shōta and Karen make a deal with Chloe to allow Shōta to keep mating and make Karen the ruler of Japan. Reito’s group gets on a ship owned by Izanami that is headed to Taiwan, but Rea and Mira stay behind and are arrested. Hino calls Reito and wishes him luck, but he will not leave his girls, whom Chloe imprisoned, behind. Chloe has Ms. Pope stripped and whipped for her failure, saying she will wipe out all men. After Shōta sleeps with his girls, he spots the imprisoned Rena Kitayama and chooses her as his next conquest. The ship lands where Reito finally reunites with Elisa.

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